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-Our site is finally online.

-Due to an overwhelming amount of e-mail requests for more information on our upcoming Amiga expansion product, we will be posting an overview of it very shortly.


We will post a Frequesntly Asked Questions section shortly. Please e-mail your FAQ questions so we can try and answer as many as possibly.
Send questions to info@fastech.iwarp.com

Amiga One

We are very interested in the Amiga One announcement and will be investigating it's implications for our ASES product.

Coldfire Code Announcement!

In the interest of the Amiga community, and to promote the creation of other Coldfire products, we will be releasing our Coldfire libraries under the GNU GPL license. We will release our Coldfire CPU module schematics into the GPL as well.
However, for obvious reasons, we will not release either until 6 months after the release of our own products into the market.

Note: Nov. 7

Coldfire software is now nearly complete and only being tested for bugs and optimized for performance.
Our OS drivers are now working and the system is bootable and performance is very promising.

ASES - Amiga Super Expansion System
Updated Oct.25th

The ASES (pronounced aces) Amiga Super Expansion System is currently in the alpha test phase.
The product will initially be released for A3000/T and A4000/T computers.

The system provides:

- 3 PCI slots
- 3 Zorro-III compatible slots
- 1 AGP slot
- 4 SDRAM DIMM slot updated
- 2 CPU expansion slots
- 1 A1200 style clock slot

The 2 x serial and 1 x EPP Parallel ports features will not be included for cost reasons and because these can be added via PCI or USB

Inital CPU module offerings will be 400 MHz Motorola Power PC G4 based and 333 MHz Motorola Coldfire based (68k compatible)

Coldfire CPU module completed and in testing.

The new coldfire CPU module is now complete and in testing with the expansion module. OS patches and library updates required are now being developed. Initial performance testing is very impressive. Legacy 68k Amiga applications like DTP and 3D rendering software run at modern PC/Mac speeds.

PowerPC module has been delayed due to performance concerns. Our Charon chipset on the Expansion system is being redesigned to allow full speed access by both CPU modules and the PCI and AGP busses concurrently.

Expansion System drivers now in Alpha testing stage:

- LSI(Symbios) 53C8xx SCSI
- VIA rhine ethernet (10/100)
- DEC Tulip ethernet (10/100)
- Intel Ethernet (10/100)
- Axxon I/O (HS serial parallel)
- SB-Live!
- HPT-366 IDE
- Basic USB core Updated
- PCI PCMCIA adapter Updated

We have decided to use CyberGraphX as our RTG software and once we have AGP hardware ready for testing, we will announce which chipsets we have contracted to have drivers written for. We will include AGP drivers for newer chipsets and also hope to include PCI drivers so that multi-monitor features of CyberGraphX can be taken advantage of. Play your favorite 3D game on the AGP display and surf the net on the PCI display!


Our list of chipsets we hope to support is as follows. Please note this is a tenative list and very much subject to change.
- NVidia family (TNT, GeForce, GeForce 2)
- ATI (Rage 128 and Radeon)
- 3DFX (VooDoo Banshee, VooDoo 3)
- Matrox (G400 family)

Note: CyberGraphX support is pending completion of hardware and contract negotiations with CyberGraphX author.